How we work together to make custom, hand-painted jackets.


getting to know you

This is how it starts. You click on the custom order button and fill out a custom order form. You tell us what your kiddo's name (or nickname) is and list some of their favorite things. (If they haven't been born yet or don't really have any interests beyond milk and drooling, you tell us about Mom and Dad instead.)

Designing your jacket

We take all of the info and let it swirl around in our brains until we think of something really cool. Then we sketch it out so you can see what we're imagining. Then, you can say stuff like "that's perfect. let's do that!" or "can the monster truck be green"? (which, of course, it can).

Sketches of a unicorn jacket with swan rainbows

hunting for PATCHES

We then search the internet high and low for the perfect patches. Whether your kid loves exploring the great outdoors or is an expert nap-taker, we'll find some cool stuff that says that. (And if your kid is a big kid, we can include some pins too!)

After you choose your faves, we'll order them all ASAP so they arrive in time to be ironed or sewn on.

The Magic

This is where your jacket comes to life with fancy fabric paints. We painstakingly paint every detail with our own two hands. (No press, screen, or factory.) Just an artist with a paintbrush. That means every jacket is truly unique! Our fancy fabric paints are non-toxic and machine-washable so your kids can get it messy (the ways kids do) and you can pop it in the washer (preferably cold cycle, hang dry). Amazing we know!


Painting a daisy jacket for Daisy


After your gift is heat-set and ready to go, we'll ship your "baby" to your baby, then bill you for the whole lot. You can pay us via Paypal or Venmo.


This is how much things cost. The price includes design, hand-painting, and a few patches. Shipping is billed separately.

Babies (12m - 2yrs) $200
Toddlers (3 - 5yrs) $250
Kids (6 - 9yrs) $300

A 40% deposit is due before work can begin (that can be returned during the sketching phase). Once painting has begun, the deposit is non-refundable. We will use the cheapest and fastest way to get the jacket to you unless otherwise specified.


When your gift arrives and you blow up your Instagram with your kiddo looking fierce, maybe tag us @pizzafrommars so we can show off to our friends.

Jackson modeling his custom cement mixer jacket #pizzafrommars @pizzafrommars


Personalized jackets cannot be returned at this time. If you are unhappy with your design at the initial sketching phase, we will happily refund your deposit.

Still have questions? Email us all the questions at